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Supergirl: The Comic Book Nerd’s Grey’s Anatomy

As a huge comic book nerd and lover of all things science fiction, and supernatural it’s hard to find a show that captures the heart of humanity while also dealing with superpower; in a way that has you balled up crying, and laughing. Grey’s Anatomy triggers those reactions for many people, even myself but I always need a science fiction or supernatural element as well. This idea got me thinking after binge-watching the previous seasons and catching up on the latest season that Supergirl is the Grey’s Anatomy for comic book nerds.

Dose: Texas Queen Takeover

Get your weekly dose of pop culture news with my segment, Dose, every Friday. Dose is a weekly series that highlights various pop culture trends that I am interested in from music to fashion. This week’s Dose features the Houston Hottie’s versatility in genres of music, and the opening weekend of a Little movie executive produced by a 14-year old black Queen from Plano, Texas.

Keeping the Same Energy: Understanding the Growth of Teyana Taylor

With a not so grand Rollout, Teyana Taylor’s sophomore album, K.T.S.E., seemed like only a taste of what her talent holds. After waiting 4 years, fans expected more. But more, sometimes comes in a different way than you expect. Fans of Teyana Taylor since her first appearance on MTV’s My Super Sweet 16, like myself, have long understood the talent and unique creativity she possesses.

Kiana Ledé Releases ‘Selfless’ EP

Kiana Ledé is a musician and actor who got her start by wining Kidz Bop’s Kidz Star USA competition in 2011 and signed to major-label RCA. The following year at the age of 14 she debuted her first record, “Do the Mermaid” for Barbie in a Mermaid Tale 2. Her first official single from RCA was “Hey Chica”, the record was featured on the Smurfs 2 soundtrack. For some time, Kiana was only visible an actor than a singer. Most notably for her role on MTV’s Scream series as Zoe Vaughn. She soon signed to Orange Factory Music and began doing covers on YouTube with her #SoulFoodTeusday (#SoulFoodSessions). In 2015, Soulfood Sessions EP was released featuring four of her most popular covers. In 2017, Kiana has consistently released singles such as “I Choose You” and “FairPlay” through the UMG-distributed Republic.